The Poltergeist Guild Edit

Hello and welcome to the poltergeist guilds page. here you will see the different factions and the ranking system within it.  ( this is a pokemon Guild ) 

Ranking system. Edit

This is here to explain how to go up in rank inside of the Factions. well the Factions may have additonal ways to get BP ( Batlle points ) here are the ways that all the giulds have. 

  • Winning Guild wars ((Worth 50 BP))
  • Winning Battle with higher ranking officals ((Worth 5 BP))
  • Recruting people for your faction ((Worth 10 BP))
  • Editing the wiki! ((Worth 10 BP per 10 edits on wiki))

AfterLife Faction Edit

This faction is the "Head" of the Guild 

Rank 1 ( Leader) Edit

Is the Leader of Guild  

Rank 2  (Admin)Edit

Is Second in command of Guild 

Rank 3 (Mod)Edit

Over sees intermediate and beginner Ranked.

Rank 4  (intermediate)Edit

Second lowest 

Rank 5  (Beginner) Edit

Lowest rank