Side of The FightEdit

Splice is a traitor to his friends and family, for he sides with the Evil Dark Lord Pheonix behind their backs.


Common among members of the hedgehog family,Splice bases from Sonic.The picture to the left is homemade
Splice the Hedgehog
photo of him made using the "Paint" program on windows.


Blast, his brother, is his main, and only, rival.


Without his brothers knowing, Splice is a dirty double crosser to his home. He lives outside Utopia in the Destruction Gardens. The only way for him to be safe is to join forces with the Dark Lord Pheonix.


Mother: Lia the hedgehog, age 49.

Twin brother: Blast the Hedgehog, age 19, born mere minutes before him.

Older brother: Ace the Hedgehog, age 21.

Younger brothers: Zeke the Hedgehog age 17; Blade the Hedgehog, age 13.

Position in the gameEdit

In the fangame The Chronicles of Blast The Hedgehog 1:Dimension Dynasty, he is the main antagonist of Chapters 1-4. In the villian storyline, he is the main protagonist.