Like on every wiki,this wiki has chat rules.Violate them and stuff will happen.

No gayness(The homo gay,not the happy gay)Edit

No talking about homosexual things,lke sonic couples like Sonadow and Shadilver(HURLP).Depending on how many times you do it,the consequences will change.

1 Time:Kick

2 Times:2 hour ban

3 Times:24 hour ban

4 Times:48 hour ban

5 times:60 hour ban

6 times:1 Week ban

7 times:2 week ban

8 times:1 month ba

9 times:1 year ban

10 times:LIFETIME ban

Listen to you superiors.ALWAYS.Edit

This just means that ....

If you are a normal person,you must listen to Mods,Admins and the founder.

If you are a Mod,you must listen to Admins and the founder.

If you are an Admin,you have power over everyone but the founder.

Show defiance?Then you go down hard.

The emphasis on that is if you defy the founder.

Then you go DEEEP DOWN.


Whenever you go agro,you will face a punishment,like a kick.


NO SPAMMERS.You WILL get kicked if you spam.Maybe banned.

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.Edit

So,unless  you want to have these punishments,OBEY THE RULES.