Neo Metal Aguos


With Metal Sonic was defeated, Eggman knew Metal Sonic wasn't modeled great. He then met Aguos shortly and tried to steal what he soon discovered to be the Solemn Sapphires. When Aguos transformed into Pacifi Aguos, Eggman was stunned that Pacifi Aguos was much more powerul the Super Sonic. After giving in to Aguos, who can show mercy to people he doesn't sense as pure evil, Eggman went to build Metal Aguos, but when pitted against Aguos, Metal Aguos quickly rusted. Eggman then went to make Neo Metal Aguos.


Neo Metal Aguos can run just as fast as Aguos underwater, can turn into Neo Pacifi Metal Aguos, but Neo Metal Aguos cannot turn into Storm Aguos, but his Pacifi form is more powerful than Aguos's. Neo Metal Aguos can shoot huge jets of water from its arms, just like hoses. Aguos can fly for long periods of time due toits water tanks. Aguos runs on solar power and water power, and also can absorb electricity from places for power.