Kaylowss, Protector of the PastEdit


Kaylowss is the Deity of the past and dreams, and has the power to morph into anything that you have thought in your dreams. From a friend of yours to Godzilla, anything the mind can think of while you're asleep. Kaylowss seeks to preserve the past, and will do anything to make the past stay as it is, not because Kaylowss thinks the past is right, Kaylowss knows the past has been cruel at times, Kaylowss just doesn't want the future to be affected by it. Kaylowss is a great actor, and can trick you even if you know the person Kaylowss tranformed into by heart. Kaylowss is shy when it comes to people, but will lose that fear if the past is in danger. Kaylowss finds out about people who interfere in the past as soon as they travel through time to the past (if they ever find out how to). Kaylowss takes people who try to change the past into Kayloss's realm and scares them till they die, mouths open, eyes open wide, the last sound out of that person's mouth a scream. Kaylowss does this by channeling the person's/thing's inner fears through dreams of the individual's in the past. Kaylowss usually transforms into a black cat when in the human world, so as not to rouse suspicion, but can transform into a human at any time. Kaylowss will not lose his powers in any of these transformations.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kaylowss loves dinosaurs and has a specific dinosaur from this one boy's nightmare that is very powerful as well as fierce looking. Kaylowss can travel through time, which Kaylowss uses occasionally. He can change the past, but never uses this power because of having no clue of the future. Kaylowss will not resort to violence immediately, Kaylowss will try to stop you nonviolently, but will use violence and fear if no other option is available


Kaylowss has no true form, but can transform into anything needed to protect the past. Kaylowss does love to transform into this hybrid dinosaur from this one boy's nightmare that is very powerful as well as fierce looking. This dinosaur is a Carnotaurus that is Blood Red in color and has sharper, longer horns than the normal Carnotaurus would, and has 4 instead of 2. It's eyes are Purple in color  if you look into them, it has sharp spines on its back, its skin is harder than diamond and its spines, horns, claws and fangs are even tougher than his skin, and much sharper than any knife. It is very large in height, about the same size as American Godzilla. Its tail has spines at the end of it. Kaylowss doesn't always use this form in the real world, he uses it in his realm.


Kaylowss has no true weaknesses.

Kaylowss is the protector of the past (as I've said before) so if Kaylowss disappears, so does the past, which will then destroy the universe and everything you know. The only way to destroy Kaylowss is to go to the past and prevent Kaylowss from ever being born, which is almost impossible and pointless due to the fact that Kaylowss will sense you when you try to do it and stop you, it will be almost impossible to track down Kaylowss's birthdate, and if Kaylowss dies so does the entire universe, killing everything.