Side of The FightEdit

As the leader and the most powerful warrior in the resistance, it is official that he is against the Dark Lord Pheonix.



Blast in his modern outfit

Whatever you do, do not anger him. He can destroy mountains in the initial burst of his anger. At the peak, the best idea would be to move to another Multiverse.


His fights against his brother, Splice, are legendary.


Blast is loyal to the resistance, and takes most of the responsibilities. From finding food to training new recruits, there is no task Blast wouldn't do.


Mother: Lia the Hedgehog, age 49.

Twin Brothers: Splice the Hedgehog, age 19;Spike the Hedgehog,age 19.

Younger Brothers: Zeke the Hedgehog, age 17; and Blade the Hedgehog, age 12.


Blast's girlfriend is Sophia the Hedgehog. He is very protective of her, and when someone, namely Flare, gets anywhere near her, his temper rises. This can end up with the perpetrator having to be rushed to the Emergency Room and remaining there for months. His anger in these situations is often referred to as the "Fifth Degree", where he releases an onslaught of punches, often fifteen at a time, per outburst.


Spike the Hedgehog

Aguos the Hedgehog

Sophia the Hedgehog